Safe Shovelling

November tried to trick us with an early snowfall. Maybe it was warning us for what was to come this winter. January is here and inevitably so is the snow!

Here are a few tips and tricks to stay injury free this winter season. When shovelling, make sure you do a proper warm up before you begin. This can include going for a walk or stretching.  Using your legs instead of just your back when lifting the snow. This will prevent you from putting increased pressure on your back.  Split the snow into smaller piles. This may take you longer, however, it is more time outside in the fresh winter air. Do not work to the point of exhaustion, take breaks. Instead of lifting the snow, push it. If you do require lifting the snow, be careful twisting under tension.

If you happen to hurt your back this winter, a massage or chiropractic treatment may help.

Cavan Chiropractic is happy to help. Let us do the work instead of you.  For more information, visit

By Dr. Taylor Bonner

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