Road Closure Clarification

The second road closure in as many years on King Street is the cause of some traffic concerns which will persist at best case until mid-December.  The closure is necessary to allow the replacement of watermains, water lines, storm sewers, curbs, gutters and pavements to the area stretching from Cavan to Huston streets.   While pedestrian traffic through the construction area will continue throughout the project, at times entrances to local residences and businesses will be blocked.  There will be sections of the road that remain unpassable, with other sections open to limited local traffic.

Signage at both ends of the construction project indicates where local traffic restrictions begin.  The objective is to prevent vehicles from using County Rd. 21 as a thoroughfare between Tapley ¼ Line and County Rd. 28.  The Peterborough Traffic Unit confirms that in these situations, local traffic includes local residents and visitors attending local organizations, businesses and residences.   Vehicles that do not qualify as local that become involved in an accident or other become responsible for damages may discover their insurance coverage is limited due to their traffic violation.

Weather and other construction variables permitting, users of this route will receive an early Christmas present with smooth sailing on new pavement just in time for the Santa Claus parade. KG

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