Recreation Staff Hired to Fill the Community Centre with Programs

Photo Karen Graham.
Melissa Als and Karlie Cornish-Tkalec are working to build traffic and broaden the user base for the new community centre.

Shortly after the new community centre opened, two fresh faces appeared on the scene, full of energy, ideas and recreation program experience to help maximize the use of this new recreational asset.  Melissa Als and Karlie Cornish-Tkalec joined the Recreation Department to co-ordinate rentals, secure external programs and eventually deliver some in-house recreation programs of their own design.

Both women are impressed with the use of the ice, particularly during the day.  In their previous positions in Brampton and Oshawa, they saw very little ice use by adults during the week and are encouraged by the local daytime demand for ice during the week.

The playground was barely installed before it was invaded by children eager to try out the nifty features including climbing ropes, walls and bars, group swings, rockers and steering wheels.  The walking track is also getting traction with local seniors during the day, hockey parents and siblings during practices (not games, surely!) while some teams have been seen running through land exercises in preparation for on-ice competition.

With less than two weeks on the job, they have starting lining up Yoga and adult fitness program providers who will be delivering classes in the studio, complementing the martial arts, ballet and ladies’ fitness programs already in place.

This summer, the pair plan to offer summer day camp programs at the facility, providing stimulating local options for students during their summer break and employing as many of the current facilities as possible.  There may even be cooking classes.  Stay tuned to learn more as the new staff explore opportunities to ensure residents find new ways to enjoy this beautiful new facility.  KG

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