Pump Track Proposal Receives Warm Reception


Photo supplied.
A pump track installation.

Council was introduced to an interesting recreational opportunity at last month’s Council meeting when biking enthusiasts John Frizzle and David D’Agostino outlined their proposal for a local Pump Track.

These installations consist of a continuous bike loop that users can ride without pedaling, which incorporates berms, criss-crossing lines and smooth rollers that help riders build speed.  Each user develops their speed along the track by building momentum or “pumping” the tight transitions on the track itself.

According to the presenters, these tracks appeal to a broad demographic stretching from age two to 100.  Despite or perhaps because of their straight-forward design, they provide an intense workout using only the bike, the terrain and the rider’s body- no batteries, power or technology required.

The entire track envisioned in the presentation requires a space that is 20 meters by 30 meters in size and would be relatively inexpensive to install.  The recommended location for the installation was in the field beside the Old Millbrook School.  This would allow local users to bike to the area and users from further afield would have access to the adjacent parking lot.  To build the track would require approximately 100 yards of packable soil which would be formed by heavy equipment such as a loader or excavator and finished with hands tools.  The bulk of the expense would be professional consultation to develop and install the project, which presenters estimated would cost approximately $10,000.  The presentation also indicated one possible grant source to offset the cost of the track; grants are provided each year for outdoor projects like this by Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

Council suggested that the track would have to be enclosed by a fence and some degree of supervision would be required, which could be provided by a combination of township staff and volunteers.  These precautions would mitigate the concern about liability for the municipality.

The project was referred to staff for further investigation. KG

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