Place Your Native Plant Orders Before September 4

Have you been thinking about adding native plants and pollinators to your property? The Kawartha Conservation 2017 Native Plant Distribution Program is a great way to purchase low-cost native plants for a variety of landscape, garden and shoreline projects within the Kawartha watershed.

“Native plants are a beautiful addition to your property while providing habitat for local wildlife and pollinators and acting as a filter for rainwater runoff,” explained Stewardship Coordinator Holly Shipclark.

Native plant root systems take hold easily, grow well, and adapt to changing conditions. As they mature, they build a complex web of roots within the soil, offering greater stability and erosion protection.

Through Kawartha Conservation’s Native Plant Distribution Program, land owners can enhance their property with native plants in a number of low-cost projects.

“The Native Plant Distribution Program provides native plants to community members in the Kawartha Watershed for the purposes of shoreline re-naturalization, habitat creation, erosion control, the establishment of rain gardens, and low-maintenance property beautification,” said Ms. Shipclark.

Shoreline property owners may also be eligible to receive $50 worth of native plants and shrubs through Kawartha Conservation for use in shoreline related projects, while quantities last.  In order to access this opportunity, property owners need to contact a Kawartha Conservation Stewardship Technician to set up a site visit where staff will assist in the development of a site-specific, project plan for the planting.

To see the wild flowers, shrubs, grasses and sedges available for order, visit, or for more information call 705.328.2271 Ext 242, or email

Orders for the 2017 Native Plant Distribution Program close on Monday, September 4 with pick-up scheduled for Saturday, September 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. KG

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