Peterborough County Plowing Match Celebrates 100 Years


Photo supplied.
Some things just don’t go out of style. Besides looking good, proper plowing technique is important for proper crop root development.

The Ontario Plowman’s Association is hosting their annual plowing competition the last weekend of September at the Edgerton Farm located at Lindsay Rd at Fowlers Corners.  Established in 1913, the organization has hosted annual plowing matches every year since 1918 except during WWII, featuring old and new plowing methods using tractors as well as horses.  With the objective of advancing the interests of agriculture, the organization strives to promote modern soil and water conservation practices through fun and friendly demonstrations.  There is evidence to suggest the trend of no-till field treatment is less than ideal for crop root development and plowing is back in the crop rotation schedule for many farmers today.

There will be 30 farm-related concessions on the grounds, with live entertainment, a tractor parade and a steam tractor demonstration provided by Lang Century Village, as well as a complete range of plowing competitions featuring all variety of antique and modern equipment.  Drop into this free event and witness the evolution of planting techniques and enjoy some country fun in this annual celebration of agriculture.  KG

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