What will the 2021 Census Reveal about our Changing Community?

Once every five years, Statistics Canada conducts a census of the population which provides insight into the changes in our population, illustrating how the makeup of our population is changing over time in terms of age, ethnicity, as well as where and how we live. The next data collection exercise… Continue reading

COMMENT – March 2021

Our community is changing.  For the most part, we might feel that we have little influence on most of the changes – the scale of a new development, public health measures that restrict our activities, and even the proposed changes to Cavan’s “four corners” intersection.  These changes are prescribed for… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – March 2021

The Millbrook and District Food Share had another successful Christmas Hamper program, providing 39 hampers and vouchers to local families. The Food Share would like to thank the various local businesses that donated, including Millbrook Foodland, Millbrook BIA, Millbrook Masonic Lodge, Millbrook Community Care, Nexicom,  Millbrook Legion- Branch 402, Millbrook… Continue reading

Millbrook Home Hardware Celebrates Ten Years

  Before coming to Millbrook, Home Hardware Manager David Britton had worked at many other Home Hardware stores in the area, so he knew what he was getting into when he stepped into his store manager role in Millbrook on March 3rd, 2011. He soon learned that unlike Peterborough, the… Continue reading

March for Meals – Showcasing Meals on Wheels in the Millbrook Area

  Food is a basic need, a life necessity. What we eat or don’t eat affects our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Did you know that the Meals on Wheels program is also available to adults who are recovering from surgery or illness? One of the misconceptions of Community Care’s… Continue reading

Local Vaccine Rollout Ramps Up

June is smiling as she and her neighbours at Centennial Place have all been vaccinated.  The province continues to deliver vaccines to high risk residents across the province in Phase 1 of its rollout during the initial period of limited vaccine supply.  At the moment, vaccines are being administered to… Continue reading

Historical Society – Going light and bright for March

Peter and Anne Ramsay, curators for the Historical Society’s display cabinet at the Millbrook Library, unearthed some of the tried and tested Fisher-Price sets from the period when Quaker Oats owned the Fisher-Price Company (1969-1991) and earlier.  These toys were manufactured in the USA and Canada.   The guiding principles for… Continue reading

Putting Names to Faces in the Waiting Room

In the December issue of the Millbrook Times, a photo donated to the Historical Society by Greg Ret was featured, with a call out to the community to identify the occasion and some of the faces.  Quick to respond to the challenge were Carol (Ridge) Donaldson and Gary Snelgrove.  Both… Continue reading