Old Millbrook School and the Pineapple Quilt Block

Photo: Glen Spurrell
Pictured is Mike Lachapelle busy installing the double-sided quilt block.

The Old Millbrook School now boasts a quilt block. It is the latest addition to the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails. The steering committee thanks the Township Council for permission to install the block. Barn quilt trails are now common across the United States and Canada. They beautify the landscape and tell the story of our community, reflecting the people, history and culture of the Township.

This quilt block is the traditional block pattern “Pineapple”, which itself is a variation of the Log Cabin block pattern. This pattern was chosen because it is a traditional symbol of welcome and hospitality. The Old Millbrook School has been a welcoming, hospitable presence in Millbrook since 1890. In 1982, however, this school was closed; and it may surprise readers that it was only a dedicated group of interested citizens that saved the building from the wrecker’s ball, buying the building from the Peterborough Board of Education for $40,000.

Since ceasing to be a school the building has been used as a community centre. The current “tenants” continue the values of welcome and hospitality. The Library offers a wide range of programs, access to computers, as well as many enjoyable and educational books in print form and online; audio books and a large selection of movies on DVD are also available.  The EarlyON Child and Family Centre welcomes children and their caregivers and provides many programs dedicated to the care, nurturing and well-being of children. The Millbrook and District Food Share is also housed here, providing food for local area families three Tuesdays a month.

In the photo attached you can see the quilt block being installed by Mike Lachapelle, who owns and runs Freelance Quality Renovations. The double-sided block (identical on both sides) was designed by committee member Kate DeKlerck and expertly painted by committee member Jeanne Moran.

For more information on our barn quilt trail, visit the website Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails at cmbqt.com and check out the numerous other barn quilts across our Township.

By Glen Spurrell

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