Oh my goodness…Millbrook!

Photo Karen Graham.

Life moves on but some things never change. I moved here in 1974, pregnant with twins, specifically to raise a family. I was looking for a small town with woods, creeks and ponds nearby; places to build forts and rafts, as I had done as a child. We found the perfect spot here in this charming “village in the valley”. I’ll never forget the mystical feeling of driving down the hill into town and seeing it for the first time.

Millbrook has been through many changes in the years since then, but today my grandchildren still get to enjoy those same magical places in the nature that surrounds our village that my children relished. They hike the trails my sons worked one summer to help create and they swim in the same bend of the creek where the clay deposits become the “Baxter Creek Spa”.

Although the downtown has seen its transformations through the years, some things remain the same: the friendliness of the merchants, the quality of the services and the charm of the streetscape. (Barber Joe’s sidewalk music is such a special highlight.) We really can pretty much “Have it all, right here”.

Thanks to the council we have trees, flowers, benches and buried electrical wires. Thanks to the BIA committee we have many wonderful downtown events. Plus, there are a myriad of volunteers who hum away in the background, getting so many things done. I’m grateful for them all.

In the past month I was brought to tears twice by the kindness of “strangers”. After putting the summer flowers in the downtown planters, a large group of us volunteers were having lunch at the Pastry Peddler. When we got up to pay, we were told that someone had anonymously covered the complete bill! We were flabbergasted and incredibly moved by that. That would not have been cheap! THANK YOU!!! Then last week, a friend and I had dinner at Moody’s, only to find out that three young men at a table nearby had paid for our meal. We were told that this was not the first time these fellows had done this. Well, it brought me to tears, and still does every time I think of it. The kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of these “strangers” now inspires me to call this place I call home “the village with heart”. I do so love this town!

Nancy Robinson

10 Main St.


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