North Cavan Students Share Their Christmas Spirit


North Cavan students in grades four, five and six took the day to spread some Christmas cheer at a number of long term care homes in the area during their last week of school before the holiday break.  Travelling by school bus with their teachers Mr. Wollocot and Mrs. Caravaggio, they made their first stop at Centennial Place in Millbrook, followed by Riverview Manor in Peterborough, a lunch break at Lansdowne Mall and a wrap-up performance at Springdale Manor in Fraserville.  Dressed in Santa Claus hats, Christmas sweaters and reindeer antlers, the students performed a variety of seasonal songs from traditional Christmas carols, an active interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and light-hearted Christmas songs featuring popular Christmas characters including Rudolph and Frosty. They had residents tapping their feet, waving their hands and occasionally joining them in song.   After the performance, the children selected books of Christmas stories from a crate they brought from their schools and read to individual residents, and left hand-made cards for their audience behind as they headed to their next stop.  It was a wonderful gesture for all involved and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.  Nicely done.  KG

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