Nexicom Receives Funding to Support New Rural High-Speed Fibre Networks

Photo Karen Graham.

Nexicom receives federal funding assistance to facilitate the installation of new next generation Fibre Optic Cable Networks to their current high-speed internet infrastructures in Northumberland County, Otonabee – South Monaghan & Douro-Dummer Townships.

Last month, the local telecommunications company learned that it will be receiving $2,887,738 of federal funding in support of the installation of three new high-speed Fibre Optic Cable Networks to their pre-existing Northumberland County, Otonabee-South Monaghan & Douro-Dummer Township infrastructures. As part of this partnership agreement Nexicom will be contributing $3,002,837 towards the completion of the project.

All funding will be provided through the Government of Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) department, via their Connect to Innovate program. This program aims to extend high-speed internet services to more than 380,000 households and 900 rural and remote communities across Canada.

The structure of the funding applies to both the costs associated with relaying the new Fibre Optic Cable from the Backbone (the mainline of Fibre travelling from the Nexicom Central Office over its geographic network) to the Last Mile (remaining distance from the rural road or highway to the household).

The breakdown of the funding for this project provided by Nexicom is as follows: Elizabethville, Garden Hill & Bewdley Backbone $514,220, Last Mile $1,090,440; Warsaw & Douro-Dummer Backbone $334,600, Last Mile $583,026; and South Monaghan Backbone $113,760, Last Mile $366,791. In total Nexicom will invest $3,002,837 in this project, with plans to provide improved services to 1,088 rural area households.

The successful application was the result of collaborative efforts from Peterborough-Kawartha MP, Maryam Monsef,  Douro-Dummer Mayor, J. Murray Jones, and Port Hope Mayor, Bob Sanderson, and Nexicom owner, Clayton Zekelman, and staff.

For more information about Nexicom or the ISED Connect to Innovate program visit and KG


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