Newspaper Club – February 2020

Australia Wildfires

By Newspaper club members Sydney McKeown and Danika Rudy

Right now in Australia there is an unbelievable amount of fire rapidly spreading around the country.  These have been going on since November of 2019, and they are still burning to this day.  There have been many rich people who have put money together to help put out these fires, including Leonardo Dicaprio, Keith Urban, Chris Hemsworth and many more.  Many Australian animals like kangaroos and koalas are being severely affected by loss of habitat and many are dying due to these fires.  Many firefighters have been sent from all around the world to help put the fires out.  Many people have been evacuated from their homes with only a couple of bags as they had no time to prepare.  People have suspected that the smoke from the fires is going to reach worldwide, and everyone will be affected.  We really hope that the fires will end soon and Australia will be able to fully recover.

Basketball in Millbrook

By Newspaper club member Miya Bonnell, G8

It’s basketball season in Millbrook and that means everyone is hard at work coaching, helping out or trying out to represent our school on tournament day.  Unfortunately because of the work-to-rule strike, tournaments have been postponed there will no longer be after school practices.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s no problem our school can’t solve thanks to the brilliant staff, Mrs. Fallis, Mr. Mac and Mrs. Parish are working things out and finding a new schedule so we can get back on track as soon as possible.  Just because there’s no tournament doesn’t mean our junior teams can’t have some fun on the 30th of January.  Several helpful students are hosting in a school tournament.  There will be three teams in each pool.  A girls team, a boys competitive team and a boys recreational team.  As I’m writing this article, the student coaches are working hard with the girls teams teaching some new skills for the big day!  If anything, this strike is teaching the students to have a growth mindset and to persevere when a challenge comes their way.

Happiness Project

By Newspaper club member Eva D.

Millbrook South Cavan grade seven students are doing a Happiness Project.  In it, we choose something that makes us happy and reduces stress for us.  Then we are going to make booths in our school gymnasium to show the younger students at our school what makes us happy and things that may help them when they feel stress.  My partner Lily and I are doing yoga.  We chose that because when we get stressed, we tense up, and yoga is almost like stretching.  Plus, yoga has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.  Some other booths in the event are sports, a relaxing corner, games, music and fidgets.  Last year, one of our teachers was at a different school and did this project with her class.  The Superintendent came and saw their presentation and the class ended up going to other schools to show their students what makes them happy.   At the moment, we are making posters and planning out our booths.  The date for the event has not been chosen yet but will be soon.

The Edge Program

By Newspaper club members Alexis T., Alexis V., Katelyn P. and Hailey, G8

The Edge program is a sports program at Crestwood where students apply to be able to do sports and workouts before and after school.  What’s the point of this program?  It’s to help students improve in sports and to earn credits towards their graduation in grade 12.  In the program, students find out about their strengths and weaknesses and work on them with workouts that suit them.  The program takes place before, during and after regular school hours.  Many Millbrook grade 8 students are very excited to try out for this new program.


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