Newspaper Club February 2018


Ski Club

As the first snow falls, the sign-up for the Millbrook South Cavan Ski and Snowboard club commences. Kids in grade 4 to 8 look forward to the snowy hills and icy jumps all year round. For a few short months, ski club will be in full action!

This is the third year for the amazing ski club. Excitement is brewing as the kids count down the days until they can pull out their skis and snowboards and hit the hills with the radical teacher volunteers. When the students arrive at Brimacombe, they endure a one hour lesson suited to their strengths and skill level, and then they are free to do as they wish. The students have the option of buying a warm supper in the chalet or bringing a lunch from home. The bus leaves the slopes at 8:00 PM and arrives back at school at 8:30 PM for parents and guardians awaiting their arrival.

By Newspaper Club members Laura, Kelsie and Cassidy


Crazy Bling Day

Crazy bling day was latest sprit day at Millbrook South Cavan. It was on December 19th, and we were invited to wear as much jewelry as we could. Belts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings were just some of the things we saw. Some students went all out wearing all the jewelry they had in their room that day. Some students even wore sparkly clothes for extra bling.

By Newspaper Club members Meghan and Chloe


New Year, New Sports

Hello Millbrook! We are up and running after Christmas break with all new sports! After finishing up with volleyball we are bringing in a familiar sport to 2018: Basketball!  Mrs. Parish has decided to do some little games to form a good tryout team. After competing for a place in the tryout, students fight for a spot on the Millbrook Hawks Junior Basketball team. The coach has decided to take the junior boys to a competitive tournament and the girls to a recreational tournament. The tournament for competitive boys will take place February 1st and for the recreational girls the tournament will be January 30th.

By Newspaper Club members Ava and Sydney


Peterborough Liftlock Tournament

The Peterborough Liftlock tournament was 60 years old last month.  At this tournament we made friends on our team and on other teams, too.  Both the Atom House League and the Rep teams played in this tournament.  Members of the House League team went to team breakfasts and lunches and also to a Peterborough Petes game on Saturday night.  The Peterborough Liftlock tournament is one of the biggest if not the biggest hockey tournament in Ontario.  There were teams from all over the province and from Quebec.

By Newspaper club member Blake T.


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