Newspaper Club – April 2019

Do You Like Basketball?  Then Listen Up!

By Newspaper club member Ryan P. and Meghan N.

This Friday March 29the, Millbrook South Cavan public school will be holding our 3rd annual March Madness Free Throw Competition. The top 2 boys and top 2 girls from each division will win a gift card of some sort and the runner up will receive a certificate. Students will have the chance to buy out of class and watch the Free Throw Contest if they bring in one non- perishable food item for the Millbrook Food share. There will be lots of music, basketball, and a whole lotta fun! Thanks to our wonderful students and teachers in the ‘Millbrook Me to We club’ we have a fun event to see who the best free throw students in our school are.

So, good luck and make us proud!

Centennial Place Visits

By Newspaper club member Mariza S.

For a number of years, students from out We group have been visiting the seniors across the street at Centennial Place. Mme.Falkenberg has organized the visits herself. The group that signs up for it will meet at a break and discuss what activity they think that the seniors would like to do. When the group goes over, they are there for around half an hour, before returning to school.

There were so many people that signed up this year, that we have to alternate between groups. When my group went, we decided to do a games day. We bought a variety of games, and let them choose which one they wanted to play. So, for that visit we all played Bingo. The residents seemed to really have a fun time! Our hope is that in these visits, we can make someone’s day a little brighter.


By Newspaper club member Ava R.

Millbrook South Cavan had their annual talk to bring awareness to the very important and emotional topic that needs to be addressed since it’s real and serious. This presentation took place in our gym last Thursday on March 21st.  MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers the point of the whole thing is to try and get across that drinking and then deciding to go behind the wheel is the complete wrong decision and can result to much more then bumps and bruises.

The presentation included a very heart touching and emotional film that had two parts. The 1st part being a fictional film of a real life situation of drunk driving, the second part is several real life things of some drunk driving situations and results of drunk drivers and poor drinking decisions.

I think that having this presentation is very important even though it’s an early age to start the use of alcohol but it’s to help you know what to do if you are in the situation with a drunk driver. It was super helpful and I can ensure it would make me feel more confident in a situation where I might have all the power of just one phone call to save a life. I am sure it goes the same for anybody else who saw this presentation. The presentation was only permitted for the grade 7 and 8s due to the level of seriousness. The one thing I can share from watching the presentation is please, please, please don’t drink and make the decision to get behind the wheel…..

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