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The Phantom of the Opera

By Newspaper Club Member Meghan

On June 14th Millbrook South Cavan’s 7th graders are going to see the Broadway show The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto.   Our school’s music teacher, Mrs. Dunford, says feels like she’s repeating history as she saw The Phantom of the Opera in 7th grade. However this not the first time the grade 7’s have gone to see a Broadway play: last year they went to see the Broadway version of Matilda. The students will have already seen the movie and listened to the music in preparation for the trip. Many kids have never seen a Broadway play, so this feels the perfect way to end the year.

3rd Annual Talent Show

By Newspaper Club Member Allison

At Millbrook South Cavan public school we had our third annual talent show. Usually we only have instrumental, singing and dancing performances but this year had something new and different.  Molly G., Allison C. and Lily A. performed a comedy called “Villain Chat”. We also had Tyler W. who has been in the talent show 3 years in a row and the last two years he had played the guitar but this year he played the Mandolin.  He had only picked it up this instrument a month before.  Our starting performer was a grade 2 student Angelina who sang I am a Big Big Girl in a Big Big World.

 Junior Ultimate Frisbee

By Newspaper Club Member Sierra

This year the ultimate teams will be chosen by the one and only Mrs. Monti. The tryouts this year are super fun. We get to play an actual game against the other students trying out for the team. There was a tryout on May 23rd, 25th, and 27th. We also do a lot of drills to get us ready for playing the actual game. Mrs. Monti is an amazing coach and very fair in her decisions. Some of the students have played before, and some are new and are improving every minute.  The tournament takes place June 7th.

Three Pitch

By Newspaper Club Member Kelsie

One hit, two hit, three hits you’re out! At the 3 pitch tournament. Three pitch is right around the corner, with tryouts starting next week. This event is a fan favourite sport held at Millbrook South Cavan open for participation to all Junior and Intermediate students. The game three pitch is very similar to baseball, although important rules change. For example, in baseball, the pitcher always throws the ball to the opposite team player who is batting, but in 3-pitch the same team pitches to their teammate currently batting. Another main rule in 3-pitch is that instead of receiving 3 strikes to be out, the players only get 3 chances/pitches to hit the ball or they are out. That is where the term 3-pitch comes from. This rule helps the game go smoother and faster. For all 3 pitch students participating on the 2018 school team, we wish them good luck and the best of teamwork, collaboration and 3 pitches.

The Coming of Summer

By Newspaper Club Members Laura and Cassidy

May 2-4 weekend has passed,

And so has the endless winter

Green grass is growing at last,

And flowers are growing with her


Water melts from ice,

As people open up their windows

The air it smells so nice,

And on the line there are clothes


School is ending soon,

And graduates are getting excited

And at the end of June,

School will have ended.

Track and Field at Millbrook/South Cavan Public School

By Newspaper Club Member Olivia

Out of all of the sports available for students at Millbrook, track and field is without a doubt one of the most popular and entertaining. With a wide variety of sports that test one’s speed, stamina, strength and endurance, it is arguably one of the most testing extracurricular activities available. From long jump to the 3000m run to shotput, athletes of many different skill sets are given an opportunity to compete and vie for victory.

The journey of competition begins at Millbrook/South Cavan itself, where all athletes begin by competing in the school meet. Athletes may choose to compete in minimum of either 2 field events and 3 track, or 2 track events and 3 field. This doesn’t include the relay race, which is composed of the top 4 finishers from the 100m sprint. The school meet serves mainly as a qualifier. The greatest prize that comes from doing well at the school level is qualifying for regionals. The top 2 athletes from every event are given the chance to move on the regional meet, where athletes from all schools in the north area are competing.

The North Area Regional meet took place on May 14th, 2018. Millbrook/South Cavan students competed tremendously well, with many people bringing home medals of many colours. To do well at this meet is truly a great test of skill and ability, as talented students from many other schools are also in this competition. Any athlete who placed in the top 3 of an event they participated in will be competing in KPREAA (Kawartha Pine Ridge Elementary Athletics Association), the board-wide meet where all the best KPR student athletes will be meeting for an intense competition. This will take place on June 13th, 2018. We wish for all of MSC’s students to compete their hardest and represent their school well!

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