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The Avocado Series- part 1

By Newspaper club members Cassidy and Laura

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there were 17 talking avocados walking along the gravel road of Tramaia. Tramaia was a land filled with all kinds of fruit and they all talked in their own different ways. But these fruit species weren’t the only things lurking in this land. There were also fruit hunters who came every month and took away valuable fruit creatures. The avocados had grown up with a terrible life. They had been kidnapped by the hunters but amazingly, they had escaped. The avocados knew they were special but that also meant that the hunters wanted them more than ever.

The avacodos had been hiding in their underground log home for 12 years, fearing the day that they would run out of food and come face to face with the hunters again. The avacodos were nearing that day with every year. This year, the menu was twigs with a side of sunlight, and the food had been running out quicker than usual.   “They are starving us out, just like we thought would happen,” said Avocado Steve, the eldest of the cluster. “We need to find food, and fast”. Suddenly, there was a knock at the secret entrance.


St. Patrick’s Day

By Newspaper club member Blake

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up. There are lots of Saint Patrick day parades all over the world mostly in Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is a big holiday for Irish people. A leprechaun is kind of like a mascot of Saint Patrick’s Day. I think the leprechauns’ motto is “there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”


Valentine’s Day at Millbrook/South Cavan Public School

By Newspaper club member Olivia

Valentine’s Day might be best known as a lovers’ holiday, but for elementary schools all across Canada, the celebration of this day takes a very different approach. Generally, students are offered the opportunity to participate in various activities and games associated with Valentine’s Day. Younger classes of students also tend to exchange valentines and small gifts of candy with each other. While all of this is great fun for children of all ages, Millbrook/South Cavan uses this special day as a time to support children and adults throughout the world that are in need.

The Me to We club at Millbrook/South Cavan is currently raising money towards empowering people in India to create businesses and generate a sustainable income. All of the funds raised come from the students of Millbrook and are collected through various activities and products. One of these coveted fundraisers takes on a Valentine’s Day theme.

The spirit day has two sources from which money is collected. One of the most beloved fundraisers our school runs is the selling of “Rafikis”. Rafikis are beaded bracelets handcrafted by Kenyan mothers to be sold at schools throughout the country. Each bracelet costs $10, $5 of which goes towards our school’s Me to We goal. Students and teachers alike love their Rafikis, as they are both stylish, comfortable, and support a great cause.

Our second fundraiser has students grade 6 to 8 looking forward to it the whole year. The Valentine’s Day dance. For an entry fee of only $2, students may buy their way out of 100 minutes of classtime to instead have fun with their friends and dance to music. In addition to the fun-filled chaos that takes part in the gym, students are offered the opportunity to buy snacks and beverages for a mere $1. All in all, the dance gives the students an entertaining break from their usual routine.

In the end, Valentine’s Day is both an engaging day for students as well as a day that supports important causes. Let’s make a difference with Me to We today!


Word Building Contest

By Newspaper club member Meghan

Happy Valentine’s Day. That was the phrase used in contest. Millbrook South Cavan had a contest on Valentine’s Day to see how many words you can make out of the words Happy Valentine’s Day. There was expected words like tin, in and lip and a few not so expected words like needle, plane and inside. This contest was put together by Me 2 We and was a hit. One class was disqualified for printing the list of words instead of coming up with the words themselves.

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