New Store to Offer Stylish Home Décor

Keeping up with the Jones’ will become easier later this month when a new store called The Joneses opens its doors on King Street in Millbrook.  The brain child of three partners, it is an extension of a happy working relationship in real estate.  Realtor Shirley Turner, photographer Charlotte Clements and decorator and home stylists Jill have been working together in real estate selling homes in the Peterborough area.  In this new venture, they are funnelling their common love of home décor and housewares into a new retail business in time for the holidays.

Shirley was inspired to launch this new business having often heard questions from her real estate customers about how to dispose of the “stuff” made superfluous due to their relocation.  After finally acknowledging that her garage was no longer an appropriate holding space for a growing collection beautiful items in need of a new home, she is looking forward to moving her cache of artful treasures to a place where they can find appreciative “forever” homes.  Besides, winter is coming and parking in the garage sounds pretty appealing.

Inventory in the new store will include beautiful, affordable, upcycled furniture and home décor.  Describing their style as “soulful home interiors”, the store will include items from early to modern, featuring pieces of solid wood construction, some chalk painted pieces, and unique items for the home.  The owners will also receive furniture and goods on consignment, splitting the sales proceeds on a 50/50 basis.  Consignment pieces must be pre-approved before arriving at the store.  Photos of potential items should be sent to the store’s email address to determine its marketability.  Approved items must be delivered to the store- there is no pick up service.  Consignment items will be displayed for up to 60 days, with a price drop after 30 days to encourage quick inventory movement to keep the products on the floor fresh and make room for new items.

This week the location received a fresh coat of paint and re-styling to reinforce the building’s heritage appeal, and the owners expect to open on the last weekend of November.  The store will be closed on Mondays and open Tuesdays to Friday from 10am to 5 pm, from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and noon to 3pm on Sundays.

The Joneses will provide customers with opportunities on both sides of the equation- they can sell special items when moving or clearing out an estate, and purchase unique and timeless pieces to rejuvenate their homes.  Expect to find beautiful pieces for the home, each with a unique story, and none of them will come with an Ikea Allan key for assembly.  Welcome to the neighbourhood!  KG

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