New Massage Clinic Opens in Bailieboro

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Christa Packman launched her own massage and wellness studio this week.

Christa Packman moved to the Bailieboro area in search of a quieter life.  A small town girl at heart, Christa grew up in Brooklin when the main attraction was a pizza place and a convenience store, but after training she set up shop in Durham and has provided an extensive array of massage services in a clinic in Bowmanville for the last eighteen years. She looks forward to connecting with the local community and rekindling the small town intimacy she remembers from her past.

A Registered Massage Therapist, Christa works in a professional setting which began with just two service providers.  Over the past eighteen years, the office has attracted a growing number of diverse health care professionals, including Chiropractors, physiotherapists and other massage therapists. While it is a great environment to generate business, Christa was beginning to feel it was time for a change.  She was looking to establish a more personal practice.

Given the nature of the clinic in which she has practised for many years, Christa works from a treatment base, and is experienced in treating a wide range of injuries, whether sustained in car or sports accidents, carpal tunnel injuries or pre-natal treatment.  She understands the other side- the “feel good” treatments, having completed her cooperative training at the luxurious Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton.  There she was exposed to treatments such as hot stone massage, deep tissue and essential oil treatments.  She also specializes in prenatal massage, Doula services and cupping therapy.

In her new studio, her objective is to create a quiet, sophisticated escape where clients can heal, relax and rejuvenate.  The pandemic has solidified her desire to provide comfort and security to her clientele; one where they will not encounter other clients as they would in a larger clinical setting.

During the past year, many of her Bowmanville customers have already migrated to her new setting as they feel more secure there.  While it is attached to her home, Christa was careful to keep the atmosphere professional, so the studio is reached through a separate breezeway and mudroom.

This week, the doors to her clinic officially opened.  Until now, she has relied on the administrative support of a large office, so Christa is joined in this new enterprise by her office/advertising manager Starrlee Gummer, who will keep the paperwork flowing so Christa can focus on what she does best- help her customers feel better.

The clinic will operate on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday by appointment only.  Online book is available through Welcome to the community, Christa.  For more information, visit her studio’s Facebook page at Otonabee Massage Wellness.  KG

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