New Mailbox Replacement Policy


If you have replaced your mailbox in the wintertime after it met with a township snow plow, there is good news.  The township has recently revised its policy to allow for the township to assume the liability for damage to local mailboxes that have “come into physical contact” with a snow plow.   Residents will now be eligible to reimbursement if the damage to their mailbox is a direct result of a whack from a municipal snow plow or grader.

If the mailbox is damaged, or dislodged by snow flying from the blade of the plow, residents are on their own.   Staff believe that rural mailboxes should be constructed so that they are able to withstand this kind of event, but if there is direct contact from any part of the plow, the township will reimburse the owner for the cost of a replacement mailbox for up to $35.00 including taxes.  KG

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