A New Home for Nexicom Systems Inc.


Nexicom is very pleased to announce the location of a new home for the Nexicom Systems Inc. wholesale telecommunications distribution business and warehouse!

747 Monaghan Road in Peterborough is a fully equipped, much larger facility that will effectively allow Nexicom Systems Inc. to warehouse increased volumes of inventory, and allow efficient distribution to new and existing customers.

Six full time Nexicom Systems Inc. staff will begin working from the new facility in August when the lease transaction is fully complete.

Capella Telecommunications Inc. currently resides in the facility. Recently Capella has announced their intentions to amalgamate their sites to operate primarily from their Laval Quebec facility, leaving the 747 Monaghan Road facility vacant after 23 years.

Nexicom Systems Inc.’s Manager, Mike Kay sees great potential in the move. “This larger warehouse and office space will allow increased inventory volumes, generating decreased lead times for quicker turnaround as well as greater product diversity for our valued customers,” Kay states.

Under consideration at this time is the opportunity to move Nexicom Inc.’s Peterborough operation into the front office area of 747 Monaghan Road. Nexicom Inc.’s current Peterborough location is at 306 Stewart Street.   Any decision in that regard will be communicated to staff once a result is determined.

“It is an exciting time for us” says Clayton Zekelman, Nexicom’s owner. The opportunity presented itself to us when we weren’t really searching, but it certainly streamlines the operation to benefit Nexicom Systems as well as all of our customers.” Nexicom’s Headquarters will remain in Millbrook, with satellite offices remaining in Peterborough, Lakefield and Lindsay.

In addition, this move will permit for added growth of Nexicom Inc. in Millbrook.

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