New Electoral Ward Boundaries Established

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At last week’s Council meeting, new boundaries that redivide the township for electoral purposes were approved.  They provide for a more equitable population distribution and representation amongst the wards, keep traditional hamlets together and provide strong, easily recognized boundaries in the form of roads.  While the southern ward which includes Millbrook contains most of the recent residential growth, new subdivisions in other hamlets are expected to build residential populations in the other wards in the future.

The map on page two illustrates the new boundaries.  At the July 5th Council meeting, a by-law will be considered that will formalize these boundaries.  Within fifteen days of the passage of this by-law, the municipality must give notice of its passing and the way in which it can be appealed.  The notice must provide 45 days after the passage of the by-law for the filing of an appeal with the Municipal Clerk.  Appeals received are delivered to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) within fifteen days after the last day available for filing a notice of appeal.  It will hear any appeals and make an order affirming, amending or revoking the by-law.

The makeup of Council remains the same, with Mayor and Deputy Mayor positions which are elected at-large, and three Councilors elected by each of three wards.  The new ward boundaries replace boundaries established in 1998 at the time of the original township amalgamation.

The new ward boundaries will be effective for the next regular election provided there are no appeals, appeals lodged are withdrawn before January 1st, or the OLT affirms or amends the by-law prior to January 1st.  The next municipal election is scheduled for November 2022. KG

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