New Dog Control Regulations

Last month, Council approved a new Dog Control bylaw to address some issues that have arisen since the 2013 version was implemented.  In addition to the normal licensing and “stoop and scoop” provisions, the new regulation includes sections to better control the number of dogs permitted on properties in the township and extend the variety of charges at the disposal of the Dog Control Officer to ensure the safety of residents.

Under the new bylaw, no resident can own more than three dogs within any single detached dwelling or more than two for any dwelling unit on properties with more than one unit, regardless of who owns the dogs, except in areas zoned as agricultural or holding a valid kennel license or if they operate a veterinary clinic.

Dogs running at large can be seized and impounded by the Dog Control Officer.  This official also has the power to issue a muzzle order if they feel a dog has acted in a way that poses a risk to the safety of people or other domestic animals.  In this situation, the dog must be muzzled when not confined within a dwelling or in a secured yard.  Muzzling orders can be appealed, which may require a $100 fee.   Council has the final authority on these matters.  KG

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