New Business Launches Online Auctions with More to Come

Ashley Chandler and her husband Chris Cook come from a family of entrepreneurs.

The Chandlers have recently sold the family business in Oshawa, so the couple decided to start out on their own and have purchased the property at 1133 County Rd. 10 previously owned by an industrial equipment rental firm.  From that location they will run their own enterprise called KC’s 3 Acres which is currently a work-in-progress.

Full of ideas and equipped with lots of indoor and outdoor space in their new location, the couple is launching an online auction business with the first event starting at 10 am on April 15th.  The catalogue for this event is already on their website,, and the event is scheduled to close at 6pm on April 22nd.  On closing day, rather than shut the bidding down at the prearranged time they are using a “soft close” approach, so if the bidding action for a particular item is ongoing, they will leave the auction open until the bidding competition is over.  They believe this helps the most enthusiastic bidders of success. When the auction concludes, successful bidders will be notified and after payment is received, items can be picked up at specified times.

The catalogue includes a wide variety of items; new, used, large, small, in all categories.  There is furniture, collectibles, vintage items, clothing, equipment, industrial items, auto, household, crafting, cosmetics, jewelry and the list goes on! There are unique items that can often be purchased at bargain prices, and allow you to shop anytime from the comfort of your home or you’re your backyard.  For those who prefer a closer inspection of auction items, in-person viewing can be arranged by appointment.  With an auction event planned for every month, there will be lots of opportunity to find unique items.

The items are sourced from estate sales and consignments, so if you have items to sell and don’t want to do it yourself, the couple welcome these items.

Their spacious, fenced yard is equipped with security cameras and will accommodate larger items such as trailers, boats, vehicles and RV’s.  It can also be leased as outdoor storage space.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, KC’s 3 Acres is a new, local resource that can help you accumulate or dispose of items. Learn more on their website, Facebook page or an Instagram. KG

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