New Alcohol Policy Approved


When the weather heats up, a new policy will kick in allowing alcoholic beverages to be served in sidewalk patios in the township this year.  Last month Cavan Monaghan Council approved a new Municipal Alcohol policy which will allow alcohol to be served by those in receipt of a seasonal licensed patio permit or special occasion permit for a one-time special event.  This is good news for local eateries such as the Pastry Peddler and Moody’s Bar & Grill which will have the opportunity to secure a license to serve alcohol in an extended seating area on the sidewalk in front of their businesses.  Hosts of special events will seek a Special Occasion Permit to allow alcohol to be served at events held on municipally owned properties including the Lions’ Den, the Millbrook Fairgrounds, the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre and Maple Leaf Park.

The terms of the new policy are designed to manage the township’s liability with respect to alcohol consumption authorized through these permits, including charges under the Liquor License Act.  The policy also outlines rules for managing alcohol consumption in public areas and within facilities owned by the municipality to protect the public as well as those renting township facilities from challenges associated with alcohol consumption, or more specifically, over-consumption.

The new policy allows the establishment of licensed seasonal patios from April 1st to October 30th in areas located on local sidewalks and in alleyways by business owners and operators holding an approved application from the township.  Eligible businesses must show proof of $5 million in liability insurance and the venue must include a clear delineation of the patio area and include furniture and accessories that can be easily removed.  The areas must remain smoke-free, and any music or entertainment provided must not create a nuisance to neighbouring properties.  The patio areas must remain accessible at all times to staff and agencies in their normal course of their duties, including emergency vehicles and maintenance staff.  At the expiration of the permit, the municipal property must be restored to its original condition.

Locations which will not be eligible for Special Occasion Permits include the Township municipal office building and the Old Millbrook School.

 The new policy is designed to allow local business operators and hosts of special events to boost the attendance and revenue they attract through the responsible provision of alcohol to their guests.  The terms of all permits promote the effective management of alcohol and address the risk to attendees, servers and the municipality by encouraging the establishment of a well-designed, safe and enjoyable environment for all involved in local events where alcohol will be served. KG

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