Needler’s Mill Status


Photo Celia Hunter – Bill and Billy Durant of Oak Springs Constructions expect to complete their work next week.



With Needler’s Mill now on its new foundation, the work to fulfill all the requirements by both the Conservation Authority (ORCA) and the municipality to make the structure safe is nearing completion. Oak Springs Construction, headed up by Bill Durant, has been on site for the past several weeks, and has been consulting with the township’s Chief Building Official to ensure that all the conditions for removing the Unsafe Building Order have been met. They have also been working with the Conservation Authority to remediate the area where the former foundation was located.

To date, Oak Springs Construction has replaced siding on the west wall where seepage between the sawmill and the grist mill had caused severe damage, patched holes and gaps, and installed skirting around the mill to enclose the foundation. The front porch has been entirely rebuilt and the porch roof is now well supported.

Bill Durant and his team plan to complete this phase of the mill project within the next week with the construction of steps to the porch, and installation of the porch railing and handrail.

Once a final plan from Elliott and Parr, Surveyors is completed and submitted to ORCA, all conditions for the sale of Needler’s Mill to the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society will have been met. We look forward to celebrating in the spring!

The mill would still benefit greatly from a facelift – there is still some major sanding and painting to be done, but we are definitely getting there.  Thank you for your support and patience with this effort!

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By Celia Hunter

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