Need a Family Doctor?

Many people in Peterborough County have not had a family doctor for many, many years.

Others have stayed with their family doctor located hours away as they couldn’t find a family doctor close to where they live. Peterborough Family Health Team can help you find the best care to suit your needs within our community.

Peterborough County residents without a family doctor or nurse practitioner can now be added to a wait list for a new local family doctor.  Residents with a family doctor outside the county can also sign up to secure a doctor closer to home.

Completing a form will place you on the organization’s local wait list for a family doctor. This is NOT the Health Care Connect list.  Forms are available at

In the meantime, if you are unwell and don’t have a family doctor or nurse practitioner and need to see a health care provider, you can visit the Peterborough Virtual Care clinic located at 185 King St., 5th Floor, Peterborough, and book an appointment by calling 705-536-0882.  You will meet a Registered Practical Nurse and connect with a doctor over a secure TV screen.  KG

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