Nate Nieman Construction Can Fix That

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Nate Neiman helps homeowners find the hidden beauty in their homes.

Nate is flexible.  He’ll take on projects large and small for homeowners looking to enhance their living space.  For ten years, he has worked primarily on older homes, refreshing dated kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, applying his building and cabinetry skills to homes in need of some TLC.  He enjoys a challenge, and will take on projects others shun.  He’s been known to shore up a sagging mudroom, repair vintage exterior details on older homes and update a frightful bathroom that has not seen a paintbrush for decades.  He understands curb appeal, as many of his customers are referred by real estate agents looking to make their customers’ properties more marketable.

While many homeowners rely on Nate to update their living spaces with custom built-ins including shelves, desks and cabinetry, he has also installed his share of IKEA kitchens.  He comes with ideas but not pre-conceived ones: his focus is on customer satisfaction, so he listens closely and works with their visions and their budgets.

When not on the job, Nate spends time in his workshop in Mount Pleasant building solid body electric guitars or in the rink watching his sons play hockey.

Whether your home is old or new and in need of a new kitchen, deck, finished basement or major update, this local contractor is ready to help.  Reach him at  KG


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