Municipal Election Results

For the first time in many recent elections, there were no Council positions in which candidates were acclaimed.  In two contests, four candidates vied for a seat on Council.  This suggests a growing interest in municipal affairs in our area, which is a very welcome turn of events.  Voter turnout was higher than in other races Cavan Monaghan with 43.9% of eligible voters casting their ballots.  In Brampton and Mississauga, less than 25% of eligible voters showed up.  Some of those who voted chose to abstain in several of their selections, with abstaining votes ranging from a low of 1.3% in the mayoral contest to 5.6% in the votes cast for Councillor of Ward 3.

All who took the leap and threw their hat in the ring to contribute to the municipality in this election deserve our respect and thanks.  As this municipal term comes to an end, we say thank you to two municipal leaders who have served our community well for many years: Mayor and former Deputy Mayor Scott McFadden and North Monaghan Councillor Tim Belch.  We look forward to seeing where life takes you.  Our Mayor and Deputy Mayor positions are filled by current Council members who have moved into new positions.  Deputy Mayor Graham is now Mayor Elect, while Millbrook Councillor Ryan Huntley is now our Deputy Mayor Elect.  All three councillor positions have been filled with newcomers to political office: Nelson Edgerton in Ward 1, Gerry Bryne in Ward 2 and Lance Nachoff in Ward 3.  The inaugural Council meeting takes place on November 21st at 7 pm in the municipal office.  One of Council’s first tasks will be to formulate a budget for 2023.  KG

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