Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute’s Strawberry Supper


Photo Andy Harjula

Pictured is Mrs. Wilson a member of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute, serving a strawberry dish to Graciela and Galo Egas, visitors from Ecuador. The visitors were most impressed with the local community spirit and their fantastic ham and mashed potato meal.

The Women’s Institute held a successful strawberry supper on June 22. Local businesses kicked in to help again, by discounting their supplies, including ham from Smokey Joe’s; ice cream from Kawartha Dairy and of course, strawberries from McCamus Berry Patch on County Road #10.

This year’s deviled eggs were featured with a whollop of curry that made them irresistible. The pickled beets were to die for.  Everyone ate enough so they could skip breakfast the next morning.

With space in the hall limited, those wanting to join in next year’s eating fest should order their tickets early from Chairperson Marilyn Marshall or any other member of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute.

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