Millbrook’s EarlyON Centre Returns to Drop-In Style Program

In the last two years, the Educator Team has offered a variety of in person and virtual programs for families in the Millbrook Community and beyond. 

Since March 2020, when permitted to gather together, families were required to register in advance for any in person programs.  This was quite the change from the casual drop in style of programs families had been used to experiencing over the years.  Families enjoyed time spent both indoors and outdoors and so much fun was experienced by all.  However, the physical distancing requirements meant that a very small number of families could be registered for any indoor programs.  This was a challenge both the staff and families worked through together understanding that this way of doing things would not last forever.

Exciting news!  As of Monday April 4th, families will be able to begin visiting the Child and Family Centre as a drop-in program again.  Families will no longer have to pre-register for programs unless it is specified in advance.  Masks can be worn but the choice will be left to each family and respected by all.  There will no longer be a vaccination requirement to participate in the indoor programs.  However, the Educator Team is asking all families to please do a self-screen prior to attending and if any member of the family attending is feeling under the weather in any way, please stay home and cozy until the person is well.  It is important for all of us to move forward with respect for everyone’s health and well being and we believe that we can all work together to do just that.

Beginning in April, families can enjoy a variety of programs a schedule of which can be found on their website; or on their Facebook page; .

The Team does anticipate that there will be many families interested in attending so they will be monitoring the numbers at times ask families to enjoy the outdoor spaces in the indoor spaces become quite full.  Families are encouraged to bring outdoor play clothing as well.  “We are looking to continue offering high quality programs for families that meet a variety of needs and that may mean capping numbers inside when needed”, Nancy Hurley, The Centre Administrator explains.

As families gather again, there is excitement in meeting new families, making new friends and offering parents and caregivers a wonderful and enriched environment to play and discover with their children.

Connection and sense of belonging are key to everyone’s well-being and the Educator Team hope to create opportunities for these each and every day.

By Nancy Hurley, Centre Administrator, EarlyON Child and Family Centre

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