Millbrook Valley Trail Extension


Kirk Hillsley

A new section of the Millbrook Valley Trails is now open, connecting the southern portion of the trails to the end of Elgar Drive. This now allows walkers to hike a loop from 4th Line along the trails and back down Elgar Drive back to 4th Line.

Members of the Millbrook Valley Trail committee started working on clearing this trail in November along the old Deyell Line road allowance owned by the township. The road allowance was re-surveyed in 2015 to ensure the route of the new trail did not stray onto the privately owned land that is adjacent to the road, and the private landowners were formally notified that a passive use trail was to be built. With the aid of lots of enthusiastic volunteers spearheaded by Millbrook Valley Trail committee member David D’Agostino, the new trail was completed over two weekends.

Walking south from Zion Line past the fishing ponds onto the old rail bed, the Meadow Trail climbs up the hill and then used to come to a dead end. Now the Meadow Trail extension turns west and continues first through an open milkweed laden field, then follows the picturesque undulating wooded land for ~0.5km down to the southern tip of Elgar Drive.

In addition to opening up this new loop down Elgar Drive, it also allows trailblazers to explore down Fire Route 3, which continues westward mostly along the old Deyell Line road allowance. “The Millbrook Valley Trails are a wonderful resource for the community and draw visitors to the township, but they are currently isolated and do not connect to any other trails” says committee chair Rob Jackson. “The eventual long term goal is to create a connection to the Ganaraska Forest and the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. This would help drive more trail users and visitors to the area.”

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