Millbrook Food Share Redirects Potential Customers to Kawartha Food Share

When the province shut down most of the province in March and recommended that seniors take particular precautions to protect themselves from infection from COVID-19, our local food bank was forced to close its doors until the danger passed.  All of their volunteers are more than 70 years of age, so the organization had no staff able to keep the doors open.

Acknowledging that the need for support would likely rise during the pandemic outbreak, local volunteers are redirecting customers to Kawartha Food Share in Peterborough.  The Millbrook operation is a member of this organization, which supports food banks and distribution outlets throughout the city and County of Peterborough.  The goal of Kawartha Food Share and its members is to ensure that everyone in the community has access to a reliable emergency food source.  They coordinate with community agencies and partners to provide food in a manner that maintains dignity for all while maintaining accountability to the community.

At the time of closing, demand at the Millbrook branch had been low and their shelves are currently well-stocked with non-perishable food items.  According to Board Chair, Clarke Mayhew the organization looks forward to a gradual reopening when the time comes- likely only once a month at the start instead of three times, to get a better handle on demand before they stock up with perishable food.  By then volunteers hope that the current construction work at the Old Millbrook School location will be complete, allowing customers direct access to food supplies on hand.  For more information, call 705-932-7066 and leave a message or email



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