Millbrook Figure Skaters Rock Bobcaygeon!


On February 28, the Millbrook Figure Skating Club journeyed to the town of Bobcaygeon for the Bobcaygeon Fun Skate (formally the Tony Carr Memorial).

Millbrook was well represented at the event with a full complement of skaters attending. This is a large annual competition in which the skaters compete at both the individual and group level against other local communities. All of our skaters did exceptionally well, and even more importantly, they all had a great time at the event!

Coaches Shelley Storace and Melissa Davidson shared their sentiments by saying – “we all worked hard to prepare and execute for event. “The kids put it all together at the right time and it was a pleasure to see”. “We are very proud of them, and they should be very proud of themselves”.

A particular highlight was the Theatre on Ice, Level 1 “Annie” to which our skaters raked in a well-deserved Gold! This is a group event that is choreographed and skated to a particular theme (in this case Annie). Congratulations to all!

Next up for the Club is our year end Carnival which will take place Sunday April 3 at 1:00 p.m. The public is welcome and encouraged to joins us at this event. It is an excellent opportunity lend your support to the club, and enjoy an afternoon of fun, as our skaters preform their numbers for you. At the show you will be treated to everything from the new beginners to the twirling vets, so be sure mark it on your Calendar!

Please see below for a list of results from the Bobcaygeon Skate:

Canskate Challenge

  • Stage 3 – Abby Davidson, Bronze
  • Stage 4 – Brooklyn Seeley, Silver; Maeve Nocera, Silver; Evelyn Anderson, Gold; Amelia Roy, Silver;
  • Stage 5 – Adelaide Carlton, Silver; Rylin Simpson, Gold; Maia McLean, Gold; Brooke Fallis, Silver
  • Stage 6 – Zack Jackowski, Gold; Jorja Gilmour, Silver
  • Level One Team Elements – Emma Whittington-Burns, Zack Jackowski, Molly Gabriel, Julia Garrett – Bronze
  • Level Two Team Elements – Noemie Lamothe, Abby Lowes, Justice McMahon – Silver
  • Level Three Team Elements – Makayla Fortier-Seeley, Grace Lawson, Nancy Maebrae – Gold
  • Level One Team Spins – Justice McMahon, Grace Lawson, Abby Lowes – Bronze
  • Level Two Team Spins – Makayla Fortier-Seeley, Nancy Maebrae – Silver
  • Theatre on Ice, Level 1 “Annie” – Gold
  • Level One Team Spiral – Justice McMahon, Abby Lowes, Makayla Fortier-Seeley, Grace Lawson – Gold
  • Level Three Team Spins – Grace Howard, Alex Jackowski – Gold
  • Level One Shadow Pairs – Noemie Lamothe, Emma Whittington-Burns – 4th
  • Level One Shadow Pairs – Zack Jackowski, Jorja Gilmour – Gold
  • Level Four Team Elements – Grace Howard, Alex Jackowski – Silver
  • Level Two Shadow Pairs – Abby Lowes, Grace Lawson – Silver
  • Level Two Shadow Pairs – Justice McMahon, Makayla Fortier-Seeley – Gold
  • Level Four Shadow Pairs – Grace Howard, Alex Jackowski – Bronze


  • Theatre on Ice, Level 2 “Grease” – 5th


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