Local Talent Shoots Music Video in Mount Pleasant


Having grown up in the area, these boys appreciated the venue’s potential, and as luck would have it, chose one of those balmy October days when the sky was clear and the leaves were colourful. 

It was a sign that the shoot would go well, and it did.  The views of the Cavan Hills viewed from Mount Pleasant served as the perfect backdrop for their performance.

The performers arrived at the home of Mark Wilson who lives in a century home literally at the top of Mount Pleasant.  They included songwriter, lead singer and lead guitar Bobby McBain who grew up in Mount Pleasant and three other high school friends including Steve Earle and Adam Haggerty, as well as Bobby’s cousin who took on the female role in the video.  The only professional on hand was the film producer Rob Viscardis of Peterborough, who led the performers through their paces and completed filming in a single, memorable day.  The video tells the story of a troubled romance with Mark Wilson portraying the jilted lover, and takes full advantage of the location, both inside and out, and includes a vintage tractor which is original to the farm.  Others took roles as musicians pretending to perform on various instruments and drums in the field behind the home.

Growing up, for many years McBain was a member of a local band.  In 2011, he almost gave up music entirely as the group wrestled with creative differences over their musical direction.  After leaving the band, he had put his guitar away but was asked to perform at an event by a friend from his hockey team and acquiesced as a favour.  The gig rekindled his interest in performing, with the pre-requisite that he called the shots.  He describes his musical style as country rock, which sounds about right for a young artist from Mount Pleasant.

McBain and his co-performers on the video all attended Crestwood Secondary School and have respectable day jobs.  McBain is a pipe-fitter working at the Darlington Nuclear Power Generating Station, but in his heart-of-hearts, hopes one day to earn a living in the music business.  This is his first music video, and he loved the creative license it allowed, and hopes to make many more.

Last week, the video was released on YouTube, and as of Tuesday it had attracted many hits.   Entitled “Anna Lee” the song is written by Bobby McBain and the video is produced by Rob Viscardis and Matthew Hayes. KG

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