Local High School Student Taylor Luecke Contributes Time and Talent to the Mill Effort


Karen Graham

Taylor Luecke is a Crestwood student with a part-time job at the Buck-or-Two store. When the Mill campaign was going, Taylor felt moved to help out, and did so in her own, unique way. She explains she was moved to act because the pond and trails have played a significant role in all stages of her life: as a place to hike, to gain early independence and as a teenager, a source of inspiration, “A place to listen to the breeze, to examine each ripple in the water or watch geese float and fly in harmony. The ground absorbs my sadness and provides a place to sow my joy. This place is a territory of first kisses, picnics and solitude hikes; a ground ready for bare feet and heart beats.”

Local teen supports Mill with donation jar and original art. Photo: Supplied.

Local teen supports Mill with donation jar and original art. Photo: Supplied.

When she saw the metallic “fence of doom” erected around the mill, she realized the demolition of this landmark was a very real possibility. Her response was to create a mixed media work entitled “Dissipation” as her first assignment in her visual arts class at Crestwood, which had to revolve around a controversial issue. While other classmates tackled world issues such as poverty, euthanasia and animal rights, Taylor chose a topic with personal meaning and the possibility to make an impact, and it did and she has.

Recognizing the enormity of the fundraising task, she created a donation jar from a pickle jar which she placed on the counter at her place of work, for the Needler’s Mill Fund, along with an information display card to give some of the background of the Mill Campaign. She also made sure she spoke to at least one person every day about the issue. In the end, she collected over $150.00 in her jar which was added to the Mill donation box. In addition, her mixed media piece was donated to the Millworks art sale and was one of the many pieces sold at that event.

Stay tuned to learn more about this talented and enterprising young lady who is now preparing a solo show of her art opening at the Pastry Peddler in mid- November which she has called “As I Go”.

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