Local Firm Comes to the Rescue of Women’s Institute

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Beth Deleff, the President of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute, extends a grateful thank you to Impact Recovery on behalf of the Institute, with the guilty extinguisher in the background.

This year, the local Women’s Institute was the beneficiary of some generosity from a local firm which stepped in to clean up an unusual mess.  Early this winter, a fire extinguisher fell off the wall in the kitchen of the Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute’s kitchen.  It literally exploded, blasting yellow fire suppression powder into every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Fortunately, nobody was injured but the kitchen was an absolute catastrophic mess.

The executive of the Women’s Institute were between a rock and a hard place. They had neither the funds to hire someone to perform the specialized cleanup nor did they have the expertise to do the cleanup in an environmentally sound manner.

They contacted Noreen Lane, President of Impact Recovery, who led a team of cleanup experts to restore the Institute’s kitchen to its former glory. Even the dishes were washed and restacked in the cupboards.  Among the clean-up heroes were Peggy Lane, Elisha Lane and Casandra Kent, who came to the rescue of the Institute and performed the work pro bono.

Each year this local company performs a service at no charge for someone as a service to their community. Their good work includes the “Adopt a Grandparent” program that helps the elderly in our communities. They also specialise in clean-ups of construction sites, fire damage and preparing a structure for pest control, such as cockroach extermination.

Institute member Beth Deleff would be pleased to recommend Impact Recovery to anyone who could use their help. But of course, their next work will have a fee attached.

The Ontario Women’s Institute has been a powerful advocacy group and some of the decisions attributed to their efforts include the automatic provision of birth certificates, mandatory use of breathalyzers and the control of the use of phosphates in laundry detergents and the reduction of vehicle speeds in school zones, to name but a few.

The Women’s Institute is located on the main street of Mount Pleasant and Beth invites anyone who is interested to join by calling her at 705-768-5039. Men are also welcome to assist with the Institute’s many works. This would be an appropriate occasion to call, as February is Women’s Institute Month. All meetings of course are held virtually at this time.  For more information about the local branch of the organization, they can be reached at 944-6078.

By Andy Harjula

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