Local Business Offers Small Businesses Administrative Services

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Go Figure’s Connie Danielsen at work

Entrepreneurs are known to have a passion for their business, exhibiting creativity and commitment to pursuing their dreams and building their brand. 

This passion rarely extends to bookkeeping and other administrative tasks, which can be the antithesis of exciting and creative, but are the key to a long term success.

Connie Danielsen gets that.  She has seen many businesses over the years, from her family market garden operation in Denmark, to helping run her own family farm in Millbrook, and as Manager of a lab for Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

The three years she spent commuting to Toronto for work convinced her that she should find employment locally in order to spend more time with her children.  One evening chatting at the end of an adult soccer game at Maple Leaf Park, she heard small business owners complaining about the paperwork they had to complete for their business.  Connie knows paperwork.  You might even say she has a knack for it.  The idea for her business began to develop.

She launched her business consulting services aptly named “Go Figure”, serving small businesses a few years ago, beginning with a few business owners from that soccer club.  She provides complete bookkeeping services, prepares and files payroll, WSIB and HST returns, customizes and trains staff on business software.  For new businesses or those adopting new accounting programs, she will set up the software and train staff on its use, providing troubleshooting expertise when problems arise.  For established businesses, she helps prepare budgets as well as business and marketing plans, write grant applications and answer questions from CRA in the event of a dreaded audit.

She is not an accountant and does not file tax returns.  Small businesses who prefer to hand over their information in one stop to an accountant in return receive annual financial statements.   These high level reports provide the minimum information required to keep the CRA at bay and  their doors open.  Businesses wanting to delve deeper into their business performance can benefit from more frequent reports providing more detailed information provided by her analysis.  Go Figure can provide tools to help business owners make decisions to improve their financial performance by identifying assets that should be replaced, ongoing expenses that could be better controlled, and business lines that are not as profitable as others.

Thanks to cloud technology, Connie can work on site or at home, at hours that are convenient.  Whether your business could use help from a service to process all of your monthly transactions or simply need support for specific issues, there is a local service provider available to help.  For more information, contact Connie Danielsen at gofigurebiz@gmail.com .  KG

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