Local Business Makes Anniversary Meaningful With Charitable Donations

Photo Karen Graham.
The Old Millbrook School EarlyON Administrator, Nancy Hurley, accepts a donation for the local organization from the Quilter’s Bolt’s, Kate Decklerck. This business owner decided to support two charities that support women in celebration of the business’s 6th anniversary last month. What a great anniversary gift!.

March 31, 2021 marked the sixth anniversary of the day Kate Deklerck opened the doors of The Quilter’s Bolt at 30 King St in Downtown Millbrook.

Last fall, the store began to operate “virtually” out of her home, so this anniversary was different.  When the shop operated with bricks and mortar, the annual event was celebrated with a sale and some treats, appreciated by everyone.

The transition to a fully online model has worked well for the business, but the idea of a virtual birthday celebration felt hollow without the community spirit fostered through real face time with loyal customers and fellow dedicated business owners.  It was time to think differently.

Given the unusual year, Kate looked for a way to give the anniversary some meaning beyond party, which was impossible anyway.  Pondering her relocation, she noticed that her new location was located 600 metres from the former one, and she locked onto that figure.   For the month of March, Kate decided to donate $1000 to a charitable organization if she sold 600 metres of fabric.  She did, and then some.

In recognition of the strong women in her family and the role she was providing her two daughters, she identified two organizations that support women- one local and one international.

For personal reasons, the Old Millbrook School EarlyON Centre in the Old Millbrook School was selected as the local recipient.  It had provided a welcome for Kate and her young family when they arrived in town.  Kate appreciates the support the organization provides to new parents, young families and youth.

The international recipient is Days for Girls (DFG).  This organization operates worldwide through volunteer chapters supporting girls and women living in poverty.

Each organization received donations of $1085.  Needless to say, it was a good month for everyone involved.  KG

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