Letters to the Editor – December 2019

Letter of Thanks

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Thank you ALL who joined or contributed to our first ‘GALA’ evening event held at our gorgeous new Community Hall on November 22nd.

The house was full, the decor was exquisite, the food was fabulous,  the libations were lovely, the musicians were astonishing and the auction was Big and Fun.

We were very pleased to have so many of our BIA members attend, including our latest two new businesses opening in the location that last served our beloved Bear Essentials & Bethany Hills Interiors, as well as our caterers Pastry Peddlar, Moody’s and Millbrook Valley Chocolates. The award for best dressed attendee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, goes to our last mentioned Chocolatier, Jackie Virtue-Flamminio, for whom we have just one short symmetrical word:  WOW

The award for most creative and generous auction donating:  Councillor Tim Belch, we choose you.  Michaelangelo’s David,  a pedestaled repro gold statue presided over the festivities with the grace and charm one would expect from a Renaissance man, firing the attention of bidders galore, not only onto himself but onto 40 other auction items that will bring to our downtown: 14 stronger, bigger and better Made-in-Canada (South Monaghan to be precise) Planters.   Our Decorating Committee, (OMG what-would-we-do-without-them?) together with Millbrook Lion Brooke Taylor, (aka Taylor’s Recycled Plastics) collaborated on the design of the planters, under production now for Spring 2020 presentation.

There are just too many of you to thank individually.  Let us all appreciate one another.  We are ALL amazing.


Kathie Lycett & Ryan Huntley, Millbrook BIA GALA Coordinators 2019

Observing the latest assault on our area with regard to off-road vehicles (ORVs, side-by-sides) causes me great angst and disappointment. Here we go again. For newcomers to our area, the beauty of our valley and environment comes to you courtesy of many, many years of we citizens being vigilant about assaults by groups and corporations trying to take advantage of our resources.

Twice, over the course of roughly eight years, we as concerned citizens have had to fight and lobby against Wind Turbine corporations trying to establish themselves in the Cavan Monaghan area.

You may still see some of the anti-wind turbine signs up along roadsides.

A few years ago, we had to fight to have our water resources protected, as the Council of the day supported investing in a new wastewater treatment plant for a proposed subdivision across from Kawartha Downs; a plan that also included pumping water from our municipal artesian wells via pipeline to provide water there.

You may still see some of the “It’s about Water” signs up along roadsides.

So yet again, we are called to protect this area and the environment, this time from the proposed use of ORVs and side-by-sides on municipal roads in our town and township.  Already we are experiencing the illegal use of ORVs and ATVs along our road, and also a huge increase in dirt bike traffic.

Deb Stanton, Cavan Ward

Off Road Motorcycles Now Part of the Discussion

Last month Mayor McFadden provided his update regarding the latest process for decision-making and proposed ORV access on Municipal roads. As the community awaits the staff report, which will reportedly help inform council’s decision, the implications continue to become more complicated.  On November 22nd, the Ford government clarified that under regulation 316/03, the proposed by-law changes permitting ATVs and Side-by-Sides to legally travel past private property, would also include off road motorcycles into the mix.

To follow the rationale of organizations such as The Ontario Federation of Trial Riders, one would think there are only positive outcomes for communities who decide to opt into these changes.  Locally, the reasons to oppose this option for the Cavan Monaghan community are numerous.  That said, a proper discussion of the issues requires far more detail and analysis than can be provided in a brief editorial.

As a community we must consider all the consequences of allowing ORV use on Cavan Monaghan roads. The Ontario Federation of Trail Riders; Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs; Kawartha ATV Association and others have been lobbying for change at the provincial and local levels for years.  At present, expanded urbanization is well underway:  the impact of the subdivision under development is yet to be realized – the traffic to and through our municipality resulting from Highway 407 completion, is still to be determined.  Introducing ORV traffic in 2019/2020 is simply incompatible with our current and future community’s needs.

Tom Quinn, Millbrook

Protect Our Roads

Millbrook has been my home for 46 years and I have cherished the village life experience. The first time I drove into this valley, I was awestruck by its beauty and charm. I was married here, raised children, taught and retired here. Now, I bring my grandchildren to enjoy hiking on the trails, splashing in the creek and riding bikes around town. It’s safe, peaceful, quiet and quaint. It’s off the beaten track, and that’s what I love about it.

Last summer, the peace was jarringly disturbed by two dirt bikes whining incessantly up and down a nearby road. This is the beginning of what may come. Dirt bikes, ATVs and SxSs could descend on our roads in force, unless our municipal council decides to ban them.

There are no motorized trails in Cavan Monaghan, but there are plenty in the Ganaraska Forest and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The KATVA wants to use Cavan Monaghan roads to get from one set of trails to the other. The problem is that the roads they want to use are narrow, hilly and curvy. In other words, dangerous.

Arguments on both sides have at times become uncomfortable. But we need to look at communities that have allowed ATVs and those that haven’t, and learn from their experience. I’d like Millbrook in Cavan Monaghan to remain a “green and pleasant land” known for its beautiful hiking and cycling trails, a sparkling gem, our Village in the Valley, and also attracting tourists because of that.

Nancy Robinson

Keep our community whole; keep students in Millbrook

As residents of Cavan Monaghan Township and parents of students at our Millbrook South Cavan Public School, we are strongly opposed to the current proposal of moving our Grade 7 and 8 children to Crestwood High School. Having attended the meeting on Nov. 4 where Superintendent Chris Arnew and Trustee Angela Lloyd outlined the proposal, we found several aspects troubling.

Paramount of these is how this proposal was presented as benefiting Millbrook students and the Township of Cavan Monaghan. The crux of the proposal is moving our children into an Intermediate School at Crestwood High School. As explained in the meeting, the Board needs to fill the space available at Crestwood in order to show a need for a new school anywhere in the area. Once Crestwood is over capacity, (projected date: 2024) funding could be requested for a new school. The location of this new school would be in the west end of Peterborough where land is already set aside. This proposal does not support building a new school in Cavan Monaghan Township.

Currently there are 6 portables at Millbrook with room for 6 more according to the Board. There is space for the Millbrook Grade 7 and 8 students to stay at their home school. Projected enrollment for 2020 is only 32 students more than are currently enrolled at Millbrook.

We believe a better solution for Millbrook students and families would be to stay and continue their education in their community. The Crestwood proposal creates a huge transition for young children who may not be socially or emotionally equipped to handle riding the bus with high schoolers. An extra two years of being educated in Millbrook will enhance their self-esteem, community relationships and mental well-being. This will enable them to have a more positive transition to high school. At the very least, the Board needs to delay making a decision on the movement of students from Millbrook until development is completed in the area. This will allow for more accurate enrollment projections. We all pay school board taxes and don’t support our funds being used to solve Peterborough’s enrollment problems by uprooting our children.

The Trustees will vote in January on the proposal. We encourage every parent, community member, and business owner to take the time to make their voices heard before Christmas by emailing the school board site crestwood_accommodation@kprdsb.ca, and copying trustee Angela Lloyd angela_lloyd@kprdsb.ca,  the Director of Education Jennifer Leclerc, Director_Education@kprdsb.ca and our Mayor Scott McFadden mayor@cavanmonaghan.net.  Follow the conversation on Facebook: Staying Together, Growing Together.

Cheri Davidson


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