Letter to the Editor – July


Photo Karen Graham.

Last month, at the end of one of our church services, a serious medical emergency occurred.  We called 911, and within a few minutes Chief Balfour and his colleagues from the Cavan Monaghan Fire Department arrived and took control of the situation.  As we waited for the EMS to arrive from Peterborough, the Chief was in constant radio contact with the paramedics.  His colleagues administered first aid and kept everyone calm and focused.  The firefighters displayed extremely high competence and professionalism throughout the incident.  Until witnessing this event, I really had no idea how crucially important our local firefighters are as first responders, especially in a rural township.  Next time I grumble to myself about paying my property taxes, I will remember that a large portion of our municipal taxes is used to support the fire department—whose members do far more than fighting fires (as important as that is).  Thank you, Cavan Monaghan firefighters!

The Rev. Robert Ross

Priest-in-Charge, St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Millbrook

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