Letter to the Editor – April

I am concerned about how high my water bill is. My last bill was $350. My household has averaged around $300 for as long as I can remember. In my current home, we started out with my wife and I and 5 kids. As the years have passed we are down to 2 adults and 2 kids and yet my bill was the highest it has ever been. My hydro and gas bills were both lower than the water bill at $175 per month. Kathleen Wynne has taken a lot of heat about crazy hydro bills, yet water seems to cost more.

The township’s website has a lot of details about water billing and some water saving tips which is great. None of the tips apply to our situation. We have no leaks and new low-flow toilets, professionally installed. We don’t run the water while brushing our teeth. I don’t shave in the shower. I never water the lawn or wash my car. That is what the rain is for, not to mention that it is currently winter, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

The township’s website does say that they would send someone to check your meter if you feel it is faulty. No charge if it is actually faulty however if there is nothing wrong with it, they will charge you a $100 service charge. My bill is already too high; receiving a $450 bill would be terrible.

The township’s website lists the fixed charges on your bill. They total $179, which is almost half of my bill. Even if you go away for a two month vacation, you will return to a bill of $179 without using any water. I am at a loss to try and find ways to lower my bill to make it more affordable. When over half my bill is fixed, how much more can I do to try and reduce my bill? In comparison, the electricity is always on in my house (fridge, freezer etc.) and in the winter, the gas is always on (even at reduced levels when no one is home). Yet the water is not continually running, especially when no one is home.

I have talked with many people in the area that are unhappy with how high their water bills are. One couple only has 2 people in their home yet their bill was $300.

I know that there are facilities to upgrade and maintain but there must be a more affordable way for the residents of the township.

James Montague, Millbrook

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