Letter to the Editor

I would like to make a few comments on the risk assessment report that Cavan Monaghan Council received from staff in regards to allowing ORVs on the roads.  Any time you add something to a road whether it is a walker, cyclist, or ORV, you have added a risk, so ORVs are not the only risk here.  ORVs are allowed to drive on roads if there is no shoulder or the shoulder is unsafe to drive on so there is no need to build shoulders on Dranoel Rd.  This road has two way traffic so it is wide enough for an ORV and another vehicle, as most cars and trucks are bigger than ORVs.  As for the bridge going over HWY 115, there are no shoulders on the bridge itself so an ORV, if permission is granted, would be in one of the lanes of traffic.  No matter which direction you are going, you are either coming out of a corner or going into a corner shortly before the bridge.  The road is marked with a solid yellow line so no vehicle should be passing on the bridge.  As for signage, Kawartha ATV Association has put signs up at their expense in other areas as required.

Don Chapman

Carmel Line, Millbrook

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