Letter to the Editor

The upcoming municipal election is looming. I’m carefully reviewing all available candidate information to determine a slate of individuals that I feel will best serve Cavan-Monaghan. As always, there are a broad range of issues to consider, and yet when it comes to casting my vote for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Ward Councillor, it will be based on the following:

1. Publicly available information from credible sources, outlining the candidate’s track record in community engagement and/or political service;

2. The candidate’s proposals /experience in addressing issues having the greatest impact upon the municipality in the future – particularly those related to: suitable land use planning and management; a commitment to embed climate change considerations into all decisions; and a pledge to collaborate with all levels of government regarding accessible health care and affordable, sustainable housing initiatives and protection of community heritage assets;

3. The candidate’s willingness to give the time, energy and devotion required to take on this local community leadership role.

What matters most to me is that the future Cavan-Monaghan council will work well together as a team, to serve all constituents with honour and integrity, placing the collective needs of our communities as their first priority, above their own self interests.

Janet Honsberger, Millbrook


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