Let’s Sing Canada


With a core group of 10 members in the Millbrook group, Pat Barr’s Let’s Sing Canada group is ready to show their stuff in an inaugural singing event that will take place at 1:30 pm on Wednesday November 30th at Centennial Place.

Inspired by Sing Australia, this group is for people who love to sing but are not interested in learning complex harmonies in serious choral groups. Each week leader Pat Barr brings along familiar Canadian music pieces in three versions: one with lyrics only, one with chords for guitar players and another one with the piano accompaniment. The Millbrook group is accompanied by Greg Brown who brings professional credentials to the afternoon activities. His former band called Ocean is best known for its 1971 hit single “Put Your Hand in the Hand”, in which Brown provided keyboard and vocals.

Star qualities are not required to join this group- it is intended to be very inclusive. The repertoire consists of familiar tunes from artists like Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot and they are now working on Christmas pieces. For a casual singing experience, drop in to Centennial on Wednesday afternoons and bring your enthusiasm. KG

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