Let the Light Shine In!

For seven years, I have dreamed about having a big, new window in my study. I wanted more light, to be able to see more of God’s world as I wrote. Formerly a bedroom, my study already had a window, not huge, but high on the wall. I had to stand up to look out. I wanted a window that would let me sit at my desk or in my favourite chair and see more than the sky as I work. Our backyard has birds, rabbits and squirrels enjoying the bird feeders. We’ve planted and nurtured lovely flowers. There are trees, both cedars and one struggling maple. Our yard is small, yet it is filled with life.

I wanted a bay window that filled the entire wall. Expensive? Yes!!! How could I justify such a luxury just for me? There is so much need, hunger, poverty in this world. I am already abundantly blessed. I couldn’t be that selfish. So, I didn’t buy it. Last spring, our live-in great-grandson, toddler Riley, was ready to stand at my much-desired window to see outside. Aha!

Now, someone other than me would receive pleasure from my window. Riley tipped the balance. We waited all summer for delivery. Two weeks ago, the men came. They worked all day and into the evening, installing the window. Riley and I, and Tom, and everyone who visits, love this window. It brings God’s light into our home.

Today and every day, I work at my desk. or sit on the windowsill with Riley. The birds, the squirrels, the flowers, the trees are almost beside me. The window is a glorious and truly precious blessing. My study is full of light. Every time, I step into my study, I am reminded that God is good, all the time.

I haven’t forgotten about the poor, the hungry, those in need. In fact, my window reminds me every day that I am called to care for others. My good friend, Nancy, says, “Sometimes, we need to care for ourselves as we care for others.” Jesus said, “Love God and love others as you love yourselves.” Our window, because it brings joy to our whole family, is a symbol of self-love increasing my love for others. Every day as the light shines in my window, it reminds me to share my blessings with others. Thanks be to God. Amen.

Today’s Faith by Rev. Janet Stobie

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