Let Patefacio Design Inspire Your Next Dream Kitchen


Photo Karen Graham.
Bonnie Moore of Patefacio Design.

Bonnie Moore is one busy lady, and she seems to like it that way.  A few years ago she launched her home-based business – Patefacio Design.  From the Latin term meaning to construct or bring to light, this name is a reflection of the process she was going through as her business transformed from concept to reality.

Equipped with training in interior design software for kitchen and bath designers, Bonnie took her experience and talent to launch her kitchen and bath design service.  Establishing a target of designing half a dozen kitchens in her first year, instead she did twelve, and last year the number was 17.   Her customers find her almost entirely through referrals.  She also uses Facebook and visits the local home show.

Bonnie brings pragmatism and flair to her projects, but is careful to make sure the result is based on the client’s vision and budget. She takes her customers from concept to tear out and final finishing for their projects, which are usually kitchen renovations.  Starting with the customers’ priorities, her expertise ensures decisions are informed and result in beautiful spaces that will stand the test of time don’t blow the budget.

To do this, she relies on partnerships with local suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to quality and professionalism that aligns with hers.  Her cabinets are sourced from a supplier in Kingston as well as Canadiana Cabinets, and her flooring supplier of choice is Stradwicks in Peterborough.

She advises customers not to be in a rush for a kitchen project.   There are no rush jobs on in her business, and she advises clients to spend time doing research so they know what they like.

Among the services provided are kitchen, bathroom and office design and installation, but Bonnie also takes on bigger renovation projects where she acts as the general contractor.  Her customers come from the local area and as far away as Oshawa and Cobourg.

With her wealth of experience, Bonnie has seen some great projects and ones where decisions were not thought through.  Kitchens are high-budget areas, and decisions are expensive and results meant to last.  That being said, she recommends avoiding certain finishes that become tiresome or a trendy.  Red colours on cabinets, even cherry wood, is something she would avoid.  Wire networks inside cabinets are expensive and can wear out quickly.  The pull-out wire racks in pantries are a prime example.  Consumers are rarely conscious of the weight they are putting on these shelves and if they give way, a pull-out can do severe damage to your foot.

There is a logic process in finish selections for a kitchen to make decisions easier.  Start with the flooring, then cabinets, and countertops.  The last decision should be the backsplash, as the tile selection available is much more diverse than the countertops or flooring so it makes sense to pick the area with the most limited selection first and work from there.

Her next major project is building a new home in the Norwood area, where she and her husband have purchased some land.  With her vision and expertise, the only question is why she has not taken this step already.

To get some personal advice, visit her booth at the Home Show at the Evinrude Centre from April 6-8th where you will find her booth just inside the door. KG

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