King Street West Opening Marked by Speeding


Photo supplied.
Pictured are skid marks left by an impatient after having to wait to allow passing cars on the single lane available on King Street during the road renovation last summer, despite the presence of young children playing nearby. With fewer obstacles to slow them down, drivers continue to accelerate as they head west on this section of the road. An electronic speed sign will soon let drivers know how fast they’re travelling in this residential area.



The good news is that after months of construction, King Street West is finally open. 

The bad news is the fresh pavement has tempted some drivers to see how fast they can get out of town.  Last week, unmarked traffic units were monitoring King Street West, handing out 17 speeding tickets over a two-day blitz, one for driving 86 km in the 50 km limit zone.  According to one of the officers, all but one of these offenders lives in the village.

Monitoring has been prompted by requests from residents to Council.  The long awaited improvements to King Street West are welcome, but were not intended to speed up traffic on that highly used route.

Council has also approved the installation of an electronic speed sign like the one on the approach to Millbrook on County Road 10, which will arrive shortly, allowing motorists a regular and less expensive way to monitor their own speed.  With school out, it’s a good time to slow down and enjoy the scenery.  KG

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