Improving Local Landscapes One Tree at a Time


Photo supplied. Performing some serious pruning tasks.

Shawn Bloom operates Ethic Tree Creations operating out of his home in Edgewood Park.  It is a full service arboriculture and forestry service company serving the Peterborough, Kawartha and Haliburton areas that he started the firm almost 20 years ago.  The firm has expanded and now has four arborists, two Urban Foresters and his wife who runs the office.

There is some confusion about the arborist term, and Bloom wants to clarify things.  Arborists are trained experts in the ways trees grow and how they respond to challenges in their environment.  They cultivate trees in the landscape using tools including appropriate species selection, planting, pruning, feeding as well as treating for injury and/or disease with techniques as dramatic as surgical limb removal. ( It’s better for trees than for humans.)

Urban Foresters focus on trees in urban settings, planning and managing tree plantings to improve the urban environment.

The bulk of Bloom’s customers are private landowners, particularly property management firms with relatively small holdings.  The market focus has resulted in a very busy practiceBloom explains that they have been so busy his staff are wearing out and looking forward a slower period.

However, things to do not come to a standstill for the firm during the winter months.  Some activities are better performed in the winter when the full branches are visible- this is when they mark trees for harvesting or for special treatment and perform pruning activities.  They also perform deep root fertilization by digging holes with narrow augers around the tree drip line and inserting customized, slow-release fertilizers which begin to release their nutrients gradually when the warmer season returns.  They are also equipped to plan for Managed Forest Tax incentive programs.

Owner operator Shawn Bloom established Ethic Tree Creations to meet growing demands for education and services to develop and protect trees in their natural environment.  Among the many services they offer are planting, pruning, tree health programs, deep root fertilizing, tree removal and stump grinding.  Bloom explains they often go full circle with a client, starting with lot clearing contract in anticipation of a new home build, then planning, design, planting and caring for trees and shrubs in the lot landscape.

Staff at Ethic Tree Creations strives to protect and restore our natural and urban ecosystems through proven Ecoforestry and Urban Arboriculture practices.  Expect to learn more about how to nurture trees and shrubs in your own back yard in upcoming columns by Ethic Tree Creations’ owner Shawn Bloom as he shares his expertise and advice with our readers. KG

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