Imagine the Possibilities if We Focused on the Issues

I hate conflict.  I know it can be helpful, but I prefer dignity and respect, which makes me a dinosaur.  I can live with that.

There are (usually) two sides to every story and I try to hear them both.  It can be challenging.  We all have our biases and sometimes it’s hard to notice when they skew our perspectives.

There are many polarizing issues at the forefront of the news these days, and at the heart of many of the conflicting views is an absence of listening – either because the opposing sides can’t or won’t hear the other side. We see it in the political leadership in the US, our current teachers’ strike, the rail blockade, persistent hints (threats?) about annexation from Peterborough, and the intense positions about ORVs in our own community.

Let’s encourage people to tone down the rhetoric so discussions can get to the real issues.  Surely there is common ground to be found if we give it an honest try.

We need all eyes on the prize to develop better solutions because the problems are becoming more complicated, but imagine the possibilities. Doesn’t every American want comprehensive, affordable health care?  Don’t we all want our children to have the best education without ransoming their future with debt?  Don’t we all want economic growth in our region?  It’s time to put away the score cards and make some real change.  Yes, I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.  KG

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