Homeguard Inspection Program


Those whose winter plans include an out of town vacation may find improved peace of mind regarding their vacant home after taking advantage of the Peterborough Police Services free Homeguard Inspection program.   This is a community-based crime prevention initiative of the Peterborough Police Service Auxiliary officers and that allows community members to take an active role in making their homes less susceptible to criminal activity.

During a Homeguard Inspection, a member of the Police Auxiliary Unit attends the homes of local residents to conduct a home security audit. This includes the inspection of windows, doors, and the exterior of the home looking for vulnerability to break and enter.  A written report is provided to the homeowner detailing potential improvements to improve the safety of their home.

Residents in Peterborough, the Village of Lakefield or the Township of Cavan Monaghan can request an appointment for an inspection online by completing a form on the Peterborough Police service website listed below, or by calling the Peterborough Police Service Victim Services Unit at 705-876-1122 Ext 268.

Officers often recommend Homeguard Inspections to victims of break and enter, or domestic violence, but anyone can request an inspection. Homeguard is meant to help residents improve home security and prevent break-ins and thefts at their home. KG

For more information or to request an inspection online please visit www.peterboroughpolice.com/request/a-homeguard-inspection.

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